Angry janitor
Tourettes Guy - Janitor

Tourettes Guy - Janitor

The Janitor (born April 28, 1959), popularly referred to as The Angry Janitor, is a person who works at the place where Danny's son has a job interview. When he finds that a toilet is clogged and overflowing due to the amount of toilet paper Danny stuffed in it after using the bathroom, he storms into the break room where Danny is waiting for his son. The janitor then confronts Danny, getting into a heated argument with him, swearing at him and throwing chairs, telling Danny that he "shit like a horse" and has a "horse's ass", also asking him if he wants to "see a big black dick" angrily after being called a dickhead. He even asks Danny "who's been fuckin' you in the ass" while Danny states that he "doesn't give a shit about Kentucky!".

Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)

Likes Edit

  • Yelling at Danny
  • Throwing Chairs
  • Asking Danny if he wants to see his dick

Dislikes Edit

  • Clogged toilets (Especially if Danny clogs them)
  • Being called a dickhead
  • Being called a bitch
  • Being called a fatass

Trivia Edit

It is unknown what caused Danny to mention Kentucky. The janitor may have mentioned that it was where he came from, either while the camera wasn't recording, or it was a statement that was cut from the final video.